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As if there weren’t enough new iphone apps available on the apps store, there is a new way to turn your blog into a full fledged iPhone app.  A new service called iSites will convert your blog’s RSS feed into an iPhone app.  Simply register with iSites and submit your RSS feed and add details such as your blog’s description, logo, and keywords and within a few clicks you can submit your blog to the reviewers at the app store.  

I am guessing that Apple will be pretty particular about which blogs feeds they accept, but for successful blogs, getting accepted should not be a problem.  Imagine how many more readers you can reach by providing them with a free downloadable app that will allow them to access your new content right from their phone at any given time.  

iSites will do a blog conversion to an iPhone app for only $25 a month.  I am having a hard time deciphering their pricing, their pricing page shows a yearly price of $299 a year – so I am guessing that you can either pay in full for the year or pay a month subscription fee.  I am considering submitting the Residuals and Royalties blog to this service, especially if I can generate some ad revenue on my blog through a service like AdMobs.  There is a $99 fee from iSites if you want to integrate AdMobs on your blog’s iphone app. 

Once your blog is a live app, users can have full use of all of your blog’s functionality including the ability to comment, tweet and buzz up your blog posts.  If this catches on, I am sure we will see many of the upper echelon blogs appearing as apps on the app store.  I just wonder how apple will view this influx of new apps.   I’d like to thank Residuals and Royalties reader Rick McBride for bringing this service to my attention.  It seems I am getting more and more emails from readers who let me in on new and exciting websites and money making opportunities. 

If you have used iSites or another service to turn your blog into an iPhone app, please let us know about it.  If so, has your app had many downloads?  Have you earned any residual income from AdMobs ads on your blog’s app?  We would love to hear about it! 

You can visit iSites here: iSites

Let us know what you think about this review of iSites, if you have compliments, complaints, comments or you think it is a scam – let us know by commenting below…

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