A Fresh, Hot Bowl of Keyword Soup!

 Today I am going to try an experiment with keywords.  I have a theory that I want to test and I am doing so within this post.  My theory is that if you go to Google Trends and take all of the top 20 “hot search” terms and put them in a post, you will increase the overall traffic to your website.  These terms are the hottest searches right now and if your blog has already established itself, adding all of these terms into one post should bring traffic to your blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize that this is not targeted traffic.  But if the theory works, why couldn’t someone create a dedicated blog that includes all of the up to date “hot search terms” each day that they post.  You could load such a blog up with Adsense ads and simply post a paragraph that includes all of the terms that are hot each day.  I am guessing that there is no blog out there that includes all of these hot search terms every day. 

I will be including these terms in a dummy paragraph below.  These are the top twenty terms that were listed this morning on Google Trends.  What I will do is bold each term and also use tagaroo to tag each term in this post.  Then we will see, by using my blog’s analytics – how many visits that I received to the Residuals and Royalties blog over the weekend that were a direct result of these hot search terms.  I will come back to this post on Monday and give you the results.  So here is my paragraph… 

It was announced in the Kayla Manson today show that Russell Crowe died while doing a google background check.  Many people were very disappointed with this news and a few people even decided not to attend the Blackhawks parade.  One attendee, named mister Arthur Laffer was checking out the parade float that was shaped like carcharodon megalodon and he decided that he’d rather go home and check out the world cup tv schedule.  My friends Jeff Koons and Jeremy Roenick were drinking a skinny girl margarita when they found out that the Kayla Today Show was doing a special on heightism.  The show was having a special guest star named Tom Otterness and he was doing a scene from the Upright Citizens Brigade.  Tom announced that he was joining the Pac 10 and he and Anita Baker were then going out to eat Jimmy Johns and to look for missing sailor Abby Sunderland

Total Visits from Keywords:

At the very least, the results from this experiment should be interesting!

Best regards,

Michael-John Wolfe

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2 Comments to “A Fresh, Hot Bowl of Keyword Soup!”

  1. Murlu 11 June 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    Please keep us updated about this – I’d also like to see what sort of results you get not just for traffic but engagement on the blog. If it works out well, I wonder what the bounce rate would be seeing the test is indeed just about jumping on trending words vs. directly relevant content.

  2. Scott Barron 12 June 2010 at 1:54 pm #


    Sure sounds interesting.

    I would personally like to know how to move my name up in Google. There is an English professional footballer named Scott Barron. He’s always first. Then a Ruby on Rails developer, then an attorney.

    What gives? :-)

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